I was born and grew up in Greece where I can still be found. Living my early 40s in this world I decided to create this site to start presenting my works of photography and digital art.

During my school years Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry were my favorite subjects. Maybe this was an indication of the direction my future studies would take although I’ve never expressed a desire to pursue a particular profession. I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering. So, I’m an Engineer! Oh! This means that I have faith only in what I see, the absolute and proven reality. No room for fantasy! No room for alternative realities! Of course, this was a fact to be changed…

After completing my M.Sc. thesis, I started working in a not so expected profession for me according to my studies, although I definitely had the skills for it. I became an Informatics teacher, teaching computer programming languages and various lessons about computers and digital data. I should not forget to mention that my M.Sc. thesis was about pixels! I developed algorithms for noise removal, segmentation and color reduction on colored images. Many times, in order to check my algorithms’ results, it was necessary to inspect many parts of an image pixel by pixel. I guess I was already and “literally” living in a pixeled world, long ago, before I entered into the world of photography and digital art!

As a child I loved photography but never liked to photograph people. I was more a landscapes and buildings/architecture person. The main reason for this is that, as you’ve probably already noticed, too many people are a little shy to pose in front of a camera. A building never complains about it! My love for photography was a bit limited to a typical level for several years. A few trips full of taking, printing and archiving photos into albums.

Photography has become more serious for me since the new millennium and especially during the last ten years. I’m always trying to study and practice more sophisticated techniques. I bought my first semi-professional camera with which I could try photo-techniques that until then weren’t possible for me. One of the first things that amazed me was the long-exposure photos. The possibility of inserting the flow of time into a single capture proved that reality CAN be somehow distorted in just a single frame! At the same time I became better (at least, I think I did!) in editing my photos.

Somewhat randomly, since the end of 2014, I followed a different yet parallel road to photography, that of digital art and photo-manipulation. One day I received a newsletter from a website on digital photography and there was an advertisement for online courses on “photo-artistry”. I had never heard that these kind of courses were available online. Fortunately this wasn’t “one more” advertisement for me. I decided to take this step and subscribed to the courses. After a little while the same instructor announced a new series of courses that by description seemed as amazing as the first series. I took this step too! Thanks to Sebastian Michaels, one of the most knowledgeable, motivating and inspiring instructors I’ve ever met (on any subject), a whole new amazing world was there, still is and hopefully will be there for me for many years to come! A world that also gave me the opportunity to meet hundreds of so talented, so kind, so giving and so supportive artists from all over the world. Good things come in fours!

Through all these experiences I realized that the simple capture from a camera can be something really great but now I also see it as the material to view our world from a different viewpoint, a different perspective. The material to create pixeled illusions of reality, the material to create my pixillusions! I think that I (you) don’t have (always) to analyze everything, especially about an artwork. Feel free to…free your thoughts and feelings on it*. Feel free to interpret it as perceived.

I’m still at the start of this wonderful journey. I hope that you will follow me on it, view my works and enjoy them as I do…

A Pixillusionist

*Feel free to share these thoughts through comments on my works or by signing my guest book!